The Fruit of the Spirit by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia, children's book


It’s a great day today! The Fruit of the Spirit is officially published!

Not that it was published today – just that I discovered it today.

After doing a wild search for the author on Google. Lo and behold, an Amazon book link was among the ‘articles’ that showed up. Filled with immense gratitude and gratification, I was tempted to place the first order – at least I think it would be since I haven’t put the word out there about this book. I wanted it to be reality first.

You see, ever since I told my children I was working on publishing the book that they had helped conceive, and even typed out some portion of the manuscript, they have been asking me almost on a daily basis if the book is out yet.

“I can’t wait for the book to be out so you can read it to us at bed time, Mom,” said my oldest. And of course, they want the hard cover version.

So while I don’t want to self-promote, it’s hard to quell the immense joy that I feel, and even more so, the overwhelming joy that I’ll feel when I read the words of the actual book to them, with a copy in my hands.

My personal mission as a children’s book author  is to provide the next generation of children with keys for successful and happy lives, while transforming our families and communities, one child at a time. So, my fervent desire is that this book will get into the hands of every child that it can possibly reach, all over the world, and that they will be transformed by it.

I hope that they feel inspired. I hope that the book serves as a constant reminder that they too can express their God-given talent and  fulfill their potential, without limitation, while impacting lives across geographical borders – right from where they stand. I hope that they remember this long after I’m gone.

20% of the profit from this book sale will go towards helping underprivileged children in Africa get access to education and educational material, starting with orphaned children that have been internally displaced due to the civil unrest in Cameroon and are currently at the mercy of missions and goodwill ambassadors for survival. When you buy “The Fruit of the Spirit”,  you will be impacting a child’s life for good.

You will find the Fruit of the Spirit on major distribution channels like Amazon,, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles. 

Be the first to get a copy. I’ll appreciate your support to spread the word about this book and visit us social media.

Kind regards,

Judith Jogwuia



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