The Fruit of the Spirit Children’s Book Launch

June 6, 2021. US Book Launch.
Fridley, Minnesota, USA. 

They say: “Charity begins at home.”
And my home church is where our book, the Fruit of the Spirit, was first launched by the General Overseer of Recreation Fire and Miracles Ministries himself, Prophet Austin Idahosa. What a great privilege!

The first 50 copies sold out quickly, and more orders were placed.

“I would like to purchase copies for every child in the children’s ministry. Can you let me know how many they are?” Deacon asked.
“Yes sir, will do,” I replied. 

“I would need a copy for my grand-daughter. She’s 4-years-old and loves reading. They’ll be coming over to visit me next month. I’ll read it to her,” Deaconess said. 
 “Here you go, Deaconness,” I responded.

“Can you autograph my copy?” another sister asked.
“Sure thing,” I replied. “What name shall I address the personal note to?” I asked.

“Oh, mine,” she replied. “I browsed over it. I really like it. I don’t know why you say it’s just for kids.”

I smiled, as I wrote a personal note on her copy… “may you grow in the grace and wisdom of our Lord, God. Lots of Love, Judith Jogwuia.”

After service, I knelt down at the altar. “ Thank you, Lord,” I prayed. “You’re awesome!”

I could sense Him smiling back in response.

Deaconess would later show me a picture of her adorable grand-daughter, with the book in her hands and a broad smile on her face. “She loved it,” she told me. 

My eyes swelled up with tears of joy. I was so grateful. God was already spreading the book to many homes and touching the hearts of little children, just as He has promised. My God is faithful, indeed!

Grab a copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon and be blessing to a child.


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