I am God's Child I am Special by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Children Want to Know Series www.childrenwant2know.com

2022 Ended with a Bang!

2022 ended with the second book in the Children Want to Know series, I am God’s Child I am Special, being published in paperback, hard cover and eBook (Kindle) versions on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Some might say that the year contained some major sad news, with the death of prominent world figures like Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the history of the British Isles, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, former Japanese Prime Minister PM Abe, and the three-time FIFA world winner winner and Brazilian football (soccer) legend, Pelé.

And then, there was the Russian invasion of Ukraine that sent shock waves across the world and caused significant prize hikes, culminating in the worst US economic recession in 40 years.

Nonetheless, 2022 was also marked with positive news and records. The world human population reached a landmark of 8 billion. Rishi Sunak became the first person of color to be Prime Minister of Britain at the age of 42, and the youngest in over 200 years. The most exciting news for soccer fans was the FIFA world cup, hosted for the first time in a Muslim country, Qatar, where Argentina was the winner after a victory over France.

I am God's Child I am Special by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Children Want to Know Series www.childrenwant2know.com
Image from “I am God’s Child I am Special” by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Illustrated by Mukah Ispahani.

However, my personal favorite highlight was that, not only did an Africa country, Morocco, attain the semi-finals for the first time, but another African country, Cameroon, off-set the record by becoming the only country to win mighty Brazil at that world cup at full-time. Brazil would later be eliminated by Croatia after a penalty shootout.

In 2022, the Children Want to Know team was focused on expanding our impact by multiplying book distribution channels. We distributed hard copies of the Fruit of the Spirit to children in Nigeria (read more here) and Cameroon, and saw the book become available in German, British and even Australian book distributors’ sites online (see post on our Facebook page).

In addition, we were also focused on publishing the second book of the series entitled: I am God’s Child I am Special, as noted above.  This book contains over 70 illustrations (more than twice as many as the first book)!

Furthermore, not only does the second book help children understand that they are created for a special purpose which they must discover and embrace in order to live happy and successful lives, but it also includes unique facts, features and animals of countries in all seven continents of the world.

Plus, the book was delivered just in time! The eBook (Kindle) was released the day before Christmas, and the hardcover and paperback versions ensued just before New Year’s Day.

And that’s why we say that 2022 ended with a bang! Cheers!

We look forward to 2023 ahead, where we will continue to expand our impact and seek to fulfill our mission to get Christ into the hearts and homes of millions of children around the world, through these books. See how you can support our mission here.

Copies are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Order yours now.

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