I am God's Child I am Special by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Children Want to Know Series www.childrenwant2know.com

Special Introduction: Sowing Seeds of God’s Word in Children

To write a book is a great honor. But watching the precious children for whom it was written read them, is super-rewarding!

I was elated when I walked into our children’s ministry classroom last Sunday, just to meet the 5-7 year old group reading and discussing our newest children’s book: I Am God’s Child I Am Special , with their Sunday school teacher.
Their curious little eyes were so focused on the pictures as their teacher turned the pages and read aloud. My heart melted with joy and gratitude.

Earlier, I had been privileged to autograph the copies that a generous donor had purchased to sow as a seed of God’s Word into the lives of these children.
I pondered over the best way to make them know how special they are, so I wrote a brief note in each book: “May your LIGHT SHINE so bright that the world is blinded by it. Remember, YOU are SPECIAL!”

I hope they remember… forever.

Watch a read aloud special of the book introduction by the author on her YouTube channel. Reach out to us with feedback on the impact of the book in a child’s live or if you would like an autographed copy.

Blessings always!




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