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The Fruit of the Spirit by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia, children's book

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The Fruit of the Spirit is the maiden book of the Children Want to Know series, whose goal is to simplify the mysteries of the Bible in a practical way that will satisfy the child’s curious mind.

Strong and healthy societies are built when we teach our children sound moral virtues. As they grow, these virtues will translate into good qualities that can shape the world into societies thriving in love, peace, and joy.

This book will take you on an adventure to discover God the Holy Spirit as the invisible Friend and Helper, who can enable and teach you anything. It shares practical ways in which you can invite God into your daily activities to empower you to bear the fruit of good moral qualities like love, joy, peace, and more, so you can live a happy and satisfying life.

Special features include Bible memory verses that aim to build a mental library of God’s truths about you, and a reflection that will reinforce your learning.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Introduction
Hello! I’m Alex.
I learnt about the fruit of the Spirit at Sunday School in church, and I’m eager to know more.
I learnt that the Holy Spirit has good fruit that can grow in me and make me become the good and extraordinary person that God created me to be. That’s fascinating!
I have many questions about this, like… who is the Holy Spirit? And I thought fruits only grew on plants?
Grown-ups know a lot of things… I think I’ll ask my parents.
I’m on an adventure to learn all that I can about the fruit of the Spirit.
Will you join me?…

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The Fruit of the Spirit by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia, children's book
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I am God’s Child, I am Special is the second book in the Children Want to Know series, whose goal is to simplify Bible mysteries in a practical way that the child’s curious mind can understand.

It introduces God as Our Father in Heaven, who made every human being for a special purpose and loves us dearly. When you walk in your divine purpose, you can make a big difference in the world and in turn, live a happy life on earth.

The author explores the unique and diverse personalities, passions, and dreams of children from around the world, as clues to finding out why God made them.

Through the characters in this book, children will learn how to embrace their special identity in God, and practice speaking and believing in God’s Word as a way to boost their self-confidence.

Find out how special God made you, and how He can help you discover, and walk in your divine purpose on earth.

Included are bible memory verses and reflections to reinforce learning, and special features from countries in all seven continents of the world.