Special Introduction: Sowing Seeds of God’s Word in Children

To write a book is a great honor. But watching the precious children for whom it was written read them, is super-rewarding!

I was elated when I walked into our children’s ministry classroom last Sunday, just to meet the 5-7 year old group reading and discussing our newest children’s book: I Am God’s Child I Am Special , with their Sunday school teacher.
Their curious little eyes were so focused on the pictures as their teacher turned the pages and read aloud. My heart melted with joy and gratitude.

Earlier, I had been privileged to autograph the copies that a generous donor had purchased to sow as a seed of God’s Word into the lives of these children.
I pondered over the best way to make them know how special they are, so I wrote a brief note in each book: “May your LIGHT SHINE so bright that the world is blinded by it. Remember, YOU are SPECIAL!”

I hope they remember… forever.

Watch a read aloud special of the book introduction by the author on her YouTube channel. Reach out to us with feedback on the impact of the book in a child’s live or if you would like an autographed copy.

Blessings always!



2022 Ended with a Bang!

2022 ended with the second book in the Children Want to Know series, I am God’s Child I am Special, being published in paperback, hard cover and eBook (Kindle) versions on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Some might say that the year contained some major sad news, with the death of prominent world figures like Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the history of the British Isles, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, former Japanese Prime Minister PM Abe, and the three-time FIFA world winner winner and Brazilian football (soccer) legend, Pelé.

And then, there was the Russian invasion of Ukraine that sent shock waves across the world and caused significant prize hikes, culminating in the worst US economic recession in 40 years.

Nonetheless, 2022 was also marked with positive news and records. The world human population reached a landmark of 8 billion. Rishi Sunak became the first person of color to be Prime Minister of Britain at the age of 42, and the youngest in over 200 years. The most exciting news for soccer fans was the FIFA world cup, hosted for the first time in a Muslim country, Qatar, where Argentina was the winner after a victory over France.

I am God's Child I am Special by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Children Want to Know Series www.childrenwant2know.com
Image from “I am God’s Child I am Special” by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia; Illustrated by Mukah Ispahani.

However, my personal favorite highlight was that, not only did an Africa country, Morocco, attain the semi-finals for the first time, but another African country, Cameroon, off-set the record by becoming the only country to win mighty Brazil at that world cup at full-time. Brazil would later be eliminated by Croatia after a penalty shootout.

In 2022, the Children Want to Know team was focused on expanding our impact by multiplying book distribution channels. We distributed hard copies of the Fruit of the Spirit to children in Nigeria (read more here) and Cameroon, and saw the book become available in German, British and even Australian book distributors’ sites online (see post on our Facebook page).

In addition, we were also focused on publishing the second book of the series entitled: I am God’s Child I am Special, as noted above.  This book contains over 70 illustrations (more than twice as many as the first book)!

Furthermore, not only does the second book help children understand that they are created for a special purpose which they must discover and embrace in order to live happy and successful lives, but it also includes unique facts, features and animals of countries in all seven continents of the world.

Plus, the book was delivered just in time! The eBook (Kindle) was released the day before Christmas, and the hardcover and paperback versions ensued just before New Year’s Day.

And that’s why we say that 2022 ended with a bang! Cheers!

We look forward to 2023 ahead, where we will continue to expand our impact and seek to fulfill our mission to get Christ into the hearts and homes of millions of children around the world, through these books. See how you can support our mission here.

Copies are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Order yours now.

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New Book: “I am God’s Child I am Special” Kindle version Available

A jolly Christmas present is here just in time!

The Kindle version of our new book: “I am God’s Child I am Special” has been published on Amazon.

Visit this  link below for the book description and for a chance to download a copy.
Have a Merry Christmas!

The Fruit of the Spirit Children’s Book Concept

“It was never about money or fame”…

In this video, Author, Judith Tamasang Jogwuia, as she discusses the conception of the Fruit of the Spirit Children’s book, as well as the goal of the Children Want to Know series.

Furthermore, find out about the mission of the Fruit of the Spirit children’s book. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can partner with us get this book into the hands of millions of children all over the world, and Christ into their hearts and homes.

Click here to Watch the video.

Expanding our Impact in Africa

January 2022
The mission for the Fruit of the Spirit children’s book was clear when God first inspired us to write it: to bring Christ into millions of homes and into the hearts of millions of children, in as many countries as possible.

It was not about profit or fame, but rather, to reach as many children as possible all over the world.

This is why on January of 2022, we moved one step forward with this mission when we distributed the books to every child of reading age during a service at a local church on Shasha Road, Akowonjo Lagos, Nigeria called Recreation Fire and Miracles Ministries.

The following week when I returned to the church, I asked Faith, one of the girls to whom I had previously handed a copy of the book, if she had started reading the book.

“Yes,” she replied with a smile. Her mother, sitting on the chair next to her, threw her a skeptical look.

“So what did you learn?” I asked, in a bid to verify her statement.

“I learned that there is God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit,” she responded timidly.
Her mother’s face turned into a smile, and I could detect an undertone of pride of her daughter.

My heart leapt with joy! In that moment, I realized that my job only entailed distributing the books, as instructed, while the Holy Spirit was already at work touching the hearts of children and bringing them to the knowledge of God!

The next day in church, Esther’s (pictured above) mother approached and thanked me. She mentioned that her daughter liked the book and that she herself had enjoyed the first few chapters that she had started reading. It is always encouraging when parents are equally invested in the spiritual growth of their children.

Later that week, we would also send some copies of the book to children at another church in Port Harcout, Nigeria, where God would continue touching their hearts.

Join us on our mission if you can help bring the Fruit of the Spirit books to more children in a home, church or community that you know.

Also, if you have stories from any part of the world, of what your child has learnt from the Fruit of the Spirit book or how they have been transformed, we would like to hear from you.

Send us a photo, or a video via our Facebook page below or call/email us.
Email: judithjogwuia@gmail.com
Phone: +1(612)405-4657

Pictured above: Judith (Author) with Esther Chidera Obinna, Victor, and Emmanuel.
Posted with permission from their parent and/or branch pastor (Pastor Victor Obinna) and Prophet Austin Idahosa (General Overseer, www.RFMM.org)

Year 2021 in Review

It’s unbelievable how quickly 2021 flew by since we launched the Children Want to Know series maiden book entitled: The Fruit of the Spirit.

The year had its share of major world events amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide as we saw the emergence of the ravaging delta strain and the more recent Omicron variant.
Shortly after Joe Biden was sworn into office as the 46th president of the USA, law-makers on Capitol Hill witnessed a siege that marked a low point for American democracy. While the economy improved, inflation also ensued. Joe Biden also made Juneteenth National Independence Day a federal holiday. The Prince of Sussex and his wife (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) gave up their royal position. About USD 9.6 billion was held up in international trade as the 400m cargo ship (Ever Given) blocked the Suez Canal in Egypt for six days. China eradicated Malaria. A new study showed a HIV vaccine having a 97% response rate in Phase 1 clinical trials. Haiti’s president was murdered. A private citizen (Virgin’s Richard Branson) visited space on his own space rocket. Cameroon’s anglophone crisis persisted. Ethiopia’s civil war worsened, and the Taliban usurped back power in Afghanistan. The great Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa passed.

Notwithstanding, on the brighter side, we saw the advent of Covid-19 vaccines with over 8 billion doses administered worldwide so far. Other treatments to combat the virus were also released while the word has grown closer as communities, countries and international organizations continue to work together to combat the virus and its devastating human effects.

On the other hand, we reviewed what the year has looked like since we launched the Fruit of the Spirit.

May 26, 2021
 Book published on distribution channels like Amazon, Amazon.ca, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles.

June 2021
 June 6 – Book launch at Recreation Fire and Miracles in Fridley, Minnesota. 50 printed copies were sold out.
 www.childrenwant2know.com website went live.
 Received a feedback video of Tracy (6) and William (5) of Texas from their mom (Becky) reviewing chapter of the book. Click here to watch their interesting response to the question: What happens when you take the Holy Spirit out?
 105 copies sold in the first month after launch.

July 2021
 As part of my commitment to encourage children to read, I volunteered to read a book to a Grade 1 class (Mrs Berg’s class) at FAIR School Pilgrim Lane Elementary School, Plymouth Minnesota during their end of year class camp experience activity. Click here to watch.

July 2021
 Available in Nigeria in Color and paperback Black and White versions, thanks to our local representative, Mr Patrick Mundi of frencheverything.net.
 Social media pages created as Judith Tamasang Jogwuia – Author. Twitter, Instagram, Good Reads and Facebook with 182 followers so far.

September 2021
 Book became available in Target online.
 Book became available in-store in Osterhus Christian Bookstore, as well as two Barnes and Nobles stores in Minnetonka and Minneapolis for in-store display.

October 2021
 Available on ebay. Link.

November 2021
 Heartfelt feedback from a grandma: “Ju,” she said, “I read your children’s book that you sent to my son. Nice job. I couldn’t stop reading it. I think every child should read this book. I will purchase one for my grandson in England, even though he is not yet of reading age. Keep up the good work.” [paraphrased]

It’s been a fulfilling journey so far. Looking ahead in 2022, we plan to invest at least 20% of the book sale proceeds and continue with our mission to expand access to this book to as many homes as possible, across the globe, so that Christ can reach the hearts of millions more children. Contact us if you would like to join us in this mission.

We would like to hear your stories and feedback from the children whom you have enabled to read the Fruit of the Spirit children’s book.
Send us pictures or Contact us on Facebook (Judith Tamasang Jogwuia – Author) or via our email (judithjogwuia@gmail.com).

We wish you joy and many happy returns in 2022.

[Data source:

The Fruit of the Spirit Book is Now Available @Target Stores!

The Fruit of the Spirit by Judith Tamasang Jogwuia, children's book

September 2021
I was very excited, this week, when I was told that our children’s book is now available online at Target stores in paperback and hard cover!

I had to verify myself to believe. And lo and behold, I saw it online.

This is special because Target is one of the really big retailers in the the US, with its headquarters in Minnesota. And I shop at Target… a lot.

I look forward to walking into one of its stores and finding the book displayed on their shelves one day, hopefully soon.

Here’s a link to get a copy from Target.

The Fruit of the Spirit Children’s Book Now Available in Nigeria

July 2021.

The first prints of our children’s book #thefruitofthespirit are now available in Nigeria , both in Color and Black & White.

Special Thanks to Mr Patrick Mundi and to Value Plus Printing for all their hard work.

To get your own copy,
Contact Mr Patrick Mundi
Phone number: 08101033541 or 00235 08101033541
Email: frencheverything1@gmail.com

The Fruit of the Spirit Children’s Book Launch

June 6, 2021. US Book Launch.
Fridley, Minnesota, USA. 

They say: “Charity begins at home.”
And my home church is where our book, the Fruit of the Spirit, was first launched by the General Overseer of Recreation Fire and Miracles Ministries himself, Prophet Austin Idahosa. What a great privilege!

The first 50 copies sold out quickly, and more orders were placed.

“I would like to purchase copies for every child in the children’s ministry. Can you let me know how many they are?” Deacon asked.
“Yes sir, will do,” I replied. 

“I would need a copy for my grand-daughter. She’s 4-years-old and loves reading. They’ll be coming over to visit me next month. I’ll read it to her,” Deaconess said. 
 “Here you go, Deaconness,” I responded.

“Can you autograph my copy?” another sister asked.
“Sure thing,” I replied. “What name shall I address the personal note to?” I asked.

“Oh, mine,” she replied. “I browsed over it. I really like it. I don’t know why you say it’s just for kids.”

I smiled, as I wrote a personal note on her copy… “may you grow in the grace and wisdom of our Lord, God. Lots of Love, Judith Jogwuia.”

After service, I knelt down at the altar. “ Thank you, Lord,” I prayed. “You’re awesome!”

I could sense Him smiling back in response.

Deaconess would later show me a picture of her adorable grand-daughter, with the book in her hands and a broad smile on her face. “She loved it,” she told me. 

My eyes swelled up with tears of joy. I was so grateful. God was already spreading the book to many homes and touching the hearts of little children, just as He has promised. My God is faithful, indeed!

Grab a copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon and be blessing to a child.


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